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good humans

A good human is someone who spreads positivity, lives responsibly, takes care of our natural environment, and inspires others to pursue their interests and passions to the fullest.








Pink Palm Kelapa



San Clemente, CA



Professional Surfer






Where are you from?What’s your story?

Born and raised in San Clemente, CA. Fell in love with surfing at age six. I started competing at age seven. My favorite thing about surfing is the freedom and independence that it gives me. Not only do I get to be out in this big open space of endless beauty, but I also get to push myself to learn new things. To me, surfing is the healthiest out door sport ever.

How do you spend your days?

I'm extremely lucky to be homeschooled because it allows me to progress in this competitive sport. On my free time I enjoy singing and playing music. My favorite instrument is my acoustic guitar. On flat and rainy days I like to grab a blank canvas and start painting. I'm also a lover of all animals, especially dogs. On my down time I volunteer to walk dogs for elderly people that can't walk their dogs anymore. On long days spent at the beach, my mom and I take shoreline walks and pick up trash. Every day is a beach cleanup!
My weeks aren't always leisurely. I have a strict schedule. Once a week I do Pilates. Following it up with a 2nd day of kick boxing & martial arts. On days three and four it usually consists of weight and
cardio training. Stretching and staying limber is super important and every day I try to squeeze in a surf!

Favorite place to travel to?

I'm really lucky to live next to a world class wave, Lowers. My favorite tropical destinations are the islands of Hawaii. Not only for its tropical beauty and epic surf but for the many friends I have there as well.

Who is someone you look up to?
One of my main role models is my mom. She teaches me to be self-sufficient, independent, and to
always appreciate all opportunities we have in life. To always be thankful! I love her drive & sense of
humor, we always love to laugh together! I also really love pro surfer Malia Manuel. She's definitely
one of my favorite surfers. Her style in and out of the water is admirable.

What are your plans in the next couple years/near future?

I'm really looking forward to the rest of 2014. I've got my eyes on the prize, working really hard to do
well in each of my heats and make finals through NSSA and Surfing America Prime. My goal this year is to become a part of the USA surf team.

Any sponsors or things to plug?

Every day, I'm always grateful to have all my sponsors believe in me and support me. A million thanks to Tortuga Swimwear, Jacks , Indosole, Tambor Acai, Sticky Bumps, & Nation Surfboards.