Jodelle Fitzwater

Jodelle Fitzwater

Jodelle Fitzwater
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Table Rock Lake, MO



Stand - up Paddle Board and Fitness Instructor





Where are you from / What’s your story?

I’m a small-town mid-western girl with a cowboy hat, cut-offs, and flip-flops raised on a big lake called Table Rock Lake in Southwest Missouri.  You can find out all about me at:

My story? Once upon a time in a land far, far away called Table Rock Lake a mermaid found her sea legs standing on a paddle board.  The minute she stood she knew she would be doing it the rest of her life.  She found it as a chance to not only stay fit, but to teach people to not take life so damn seriously and remember to play and have fun once in a while.  She began teaching to inspire with SUP and Nutrition to show people that they were capable of more than they thought possible.  She began using her SUP as a reason to Stand Up for what she believes in, like feeding the hungry, and helping the sick.  It gave her a purpose, a passion, and pure pleasure which she describes as the most important of all Vitamins – Vitamin “p”.

What’s the best way to describe what you do?

There is no “hard day at the office” when your office is a tranquil lake where I get the privilege of teaching stand up padde boarding as a Certified PaddleFit Stand Up paddle Instructor and Pro SUP Fitness Instructor and Ambassador for BiC SUP.  I created the first ever fitness and yoga SUP series for BiC on SUP TV on youtube, which was a dream come true.

One of my passions as a Certified Nutrition Coach & Psychology Coach, is using food as medicine to help nourish and repair the body. I have the honor of working with clients all around the country helping them increase their thyroid, ease digestion, prevent disease, lose fat, sleep better and more, all with REAL food.  I am a writer and contributor to Standup Journal and recently had my first article published in the Summer 2014 print edition. As a self-proclaimed mermaid, I don’t consider myself an competitive athlete, but definitely a lover of all things active. Mermaid’s aren’t really athletes, yet have no fear of depth, but a great fear of shallow living.  My mission and purpose each day is to be godly, radiant sunshine to all I come in contact with and put 100% pure love into everything I do.

How have you impacted the community/environment or thoughts on how to. eg: What’s the raddest thing you have ever done for the environment or community?

The raddest thing I’ve ever done, eh? Well the raddest thing ever is about to happen (see below) But in the meantime, I am a big fan of our local homeless organization called Jesus Was Homeless, where everything Thursday night we deliver over 800 meals to the surrounding homeless.  Two summers ago, I paddled 32 miles on our local lake in 11 hours to raise money for them, and ended up raising over $4000.  I couldn’t have done it without such a loving lake community that I live in.  Just this past January 2014, I paddled 30 miles for a 4 year old little girl with Leukemia and was fortunate to raise over $5000.  When you give, you receive even more and receiving a big hug from that little girl when I was done was worth more than anything in the world.

Who is someone you look up to?

My little brother.  He’s battled so much, lost so much, endured so much heartache and still can make me laugh, listen and be a shoulder for me to lean on, and encourage me when life gets rough.  He is so strong and inspires me to grow everyday.

What are your plans in the next couple years/ near future?

So the raddest thing ever is about to happen:  My husband and I are getting ready to welcome a newborn baby girl into our lives through newborn adoption.  We will finally become parents on August 25th after trying for years to conceive.  We have found an awesome birthmother who has chosen us to adopt her baby and our lives are about to be sprinkled with sugar and spice and everything nice.  I can’t wait to take her help deliver the meals, cruise the lake with her on my SUP, and make her baby food from scratch.  I’m super-stoked about raising a little mermaid.

Any sponsors or things to plug?

Other than Indosole, the best shoes around? BiC SUP makes the most durable SUPs around, Raw Elements Sunscreen protects my skin, MTI Adventurewear PFD lifejackets makes the unthinkable unsinkable, Kicking Horse Coffee rocks my morning, It’s always the weekend with Weekend Threads, X-1 Audio Waterproof earbuds tune the world out when I need to, Vermont Peanut Butter Co’s Almond Butter is my secret addiction, Nocqua Night Lights for your SUP lights up my life, Shellies Style hair clips tame my mermaid locks, Surf+Abide inspires me to greatness, Pure Hot Yoga Studio will inspire you to perspire, and Williams Bros. Ski and Sports is the best floating ski shop on Table Rock Lake! Oh, and I can’t forget my photographer, Mandy L McMurdo who takes all my stellar SUP pics.

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