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Kai Paul at TEDxJIS "What if waste = $$"

It may not look like it but Kai Paul was born and raised in Indonesia. He grew up in Jakarta with his parents who were school teachers at the Jakarta International School. As a young redhead kid living in Jakarta, Kai got to experience what it is like growing up in a developing nation with a pollution problem. This past February, Kai returned to his family’s alma mater and took the stage at TEDxJIS. Kai took this opportunity to share his passion for his home country of Indonesia and vision for the future of waste management and the emerging “Secondary...

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Topiku "The Accidental Entrepreneur"

As a brand that started as a hobby and with suitcases full of sandals wheeling through airports, we at Indosole enjoy hearing about other brand's journey and their respective labor of love. We are all underdogs! We met the Topiku brothers Max and Monty last year at an event in San Francisco. Turned out they have a similar mission for the country of Indonesia and a cool conscious product. We asked them to tell their story and equally important to touch on the challenges they have faced along the way.  Here it is and we hope you enjoy Topiku's story!...

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Guest Blogger - Bodhi Surf School

This week we teamed up with our friends, donation partners, and fellow B-Corp at Bodhi Surf School in beautiful Costa Rica.  Run by a crew of dedicated and loyal ocean, surf, and health advocates the Bodhi team likes to promote a responsible way of life and good ole fashioned Pura Vida.  Enjoy the read!  Indo Crew Photo Credit: Emi Koch of Beyond the Surface International Harnessing Consumerism to Solve Environmental Issues While doing one of our regular Service & Surf beach cleanups last summer, one of the kids found a hermit crab which, instead of having a regular shell, had...

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Heyy Ladies! Workshop Clothing Swap

Since 2009, we have made it a ritual to donate clothing to our loyal and focused Indo artisans. The donations are wheeled over in large rolling bags from California and typically consist of American brand labels (which they go bananas for) and clothing that they can either wear themselves or bring home for their children. Most of the Indo artisans have larger families of 3-4 children and they will wear these clothes as well as hand them down to the younger siblings as they go.  This time, we put together assortments of clothing for the ladies specifically. The women at...

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Meet the Indo Artisans

Indosole artisans

You asked, we answered! We received requests to share more about the artisans who make your Indos, so today we are going to introduce you to five members of our workshop crew: Yunus and Putra (tire cutting division), Fandi and Bandi (sole application), and Rani (finishing/ packaging). We have a really great...

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4 Ways To Celebrate Less Wastefully

Reusable glass straws by Simply Straws

Our intern muses on the holiday season that just passed and offers tips on how to celebrate future holidays less wastefully: "Now that Christmas is over and we have entered the new year I have been thinking about ways to celebrate “better” next time. I mean better for the environment, and better for everyone..."

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Pushing for Progress in 2017

Happy New Year 2017 from Indosole

Happy New Year 2017! We wanted to write a quick note to say thanks for your support in 2016, which was an influential year of growth and learning for us at Indosole. Your feedback and suggestions have been carefully noted and we are working hard to implement them to our freshest batches of Indos...

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We Love OSOM Brand Recycled Socks

Recycled denim socks and upcycled tire-soled shoes

Being a conscious consumer is an adjustment, but you'll find that the alternatives are out there if you look hard enough. We wanted to put one more brand on your radar - our friends OSOM Brand. They make super soft socks that are 95% recycled denim and textiles. We've blogged about the textile waste problem...

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6 Ways To Combat The World's Garment Waste Problem

Garment and textile waste

Currently on our radar: garment and textile waste. We wanted to share with you some of the problems that have been on our minds lately and the discoveries we have made, from innovative technology to alternative materials to inspiring brands. We hope this encourages you to read up on the problems and solutions...

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How To Protect Yourself From Zika And Dengue

Aedes aegypti mosquito - carrier of Zika and dengue

For months we have been hearing about Zika, a virus carried by the Aedes mosquito that is spreading rapidly. Also carried by this genus of mosquito is dengue, a virus that unfortunately, the Indo crew are a little too familiar with. We hope that by sharing our experiences we can help raise awareness about...

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Support Repurposing - Fund Our Kiva Loan!

Indosole artisan crew

We launched a Kiva loan and we need your help! For those who are not yet acquainted with Kiva, they are an incredible organization that facilitates crowdfunding for individuals and groups around the world who need a little boost to propel their businesses forward. A Kiva loan is basically a crowd-sourced loan that...

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4 Retailers Who Dig Upcycled Fashion

Indosole at Yoga Barn Bali

If you are here on our blog, then you probably already know that you can buy our tire soled footwear and other products directly on But did you know you can also shop Indos at select retailers around the globe? To find them, all you have to do is type a zip code into our handy Retailer Locator and...

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'Earn Your Stripes' With Tire Soled Sandals

Double6 tire soled sandals

"Can I exchange these?" a man asked us at an event earlier this year where we had a small display set up for two days. The man was frowning slightly at the pair he was holding, which he had just purchased. "I didn't notice it before," he said, "but I think this might have a defect?" Hearing the word 'defect' we...

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3 New High Top Hues To Add To Your Closet

New Kota Colors 2016

We've got news for the Kota lovers out there! Our signature high top, which was released last year in classic black and black palm batik panel, is now available in three new colors (just in time for fall!). The first new color is Cream. It's a color that pops, yet is still a neutral, and it's the perfect addition to a...

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This Is What Improper Waste Disposal Looks Like

Bali trash burning

This photo has been making the rounds in the Bali community―a perfectly captured moment of men offloading garbage from a truck next to a temple gate in Central Bali. If you look closely you can see the men doing the offloading by hand and adding to the mountain of trash while smoke generated from...

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