Summer Fenton

Summer Fenton

Summer Fenton
Shoe size - 7

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San Francisco, CA



Professional Snowboarder






Where are you from? What's your story?

I wake up to one adventure and go to sleep dreaming of the next… forgetting the plans and trusting my instincts. Born and raised a block away from Ocean Beach, San Francisco yet traveling around the globe following my passion for snowboarding. I started snowboarding at 4 years old and it was love at first ride! Once i started competing at 6, it slowly took over my life and I never looked back. The adrenaline rush and feeling I get from competing and landing my runs make me so happy there was no way I was stopping. So my parents would drive the 3 and a 1/2 hours to North Lake Tahoe every weekend and I became the weekend warrior. I then went from always surfing and making sand castles to snowboarding and making snow angels, but don’t worry I always leave a trail of sand behind and take my sunshine wherever I go.

What do you do?

I live the dream. I’m a competitive snowboarder, a biology major, a surfer, world traveler, frequent smiler, lover of life, avid tea drinker, participant of beach clean ups, and an accident-prone adventurer. I live bliss, take action, open up my heart, listen, accept, let go and overcome.

Favorite place to travel to?

Hmm… I’ve been all over the world from New Zealand to Europe to Asia but I must say Hawaii. What’s not to love… my family, friends, warm waters, the aloha spirit, surf, fresh coconuts & the smell of tropical flowers. Bali in the future?

How have you impacted the community/environment?

Through sharing my experiences, stoked-ness and  the way I live my life, I think this helps sets an example and inspire people around me. I also love to participate in local beach clean ups and help out at the food banks when I’m in the city. Giving back is key to life!

Who is someone you look up to?

I look up to my coaches Scott, Ryan & Layman. Each devote so much time, effort and patience to help me achieve my goals and are always there for me every step of the way whether its good or bad. They motivate me to take risks, push me to my fullest potential and they believe in me when I have my doubts. They surround me with positive vibes and inspiration on a daily basis and I hope to spread their kindness, encouraging words and positivity to others as well.

What are your plans in the next couple years/ near future?

I plan on living in the moment, staying happy and healthy and making my dreams a reality. I was chosen to have the opportunity to try out for the 2014 Olympics and although it didn’t go as planned the overall experience of riding with the best of the best was awesome and being that was an accomplishment in itself. So now I’m on the journey to the 2018 Winter Olympics at Pyeongchang, South Korea which is going to be super fun! I’ll be giving it my all to make sure I’m there representing the U.S. in Superpipe! Yeeew!

Any sponsors or things to plug?

Shoutout to Indosole, Zeal Optics, Nixon, YeaNice & Kindsnacks for all the support and love!! Wouldn’t be where I am today without you all. Oh, also my family and homies. Just keep living bliss!

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