Repurpose Wednesday

This video is super rad! Shwood uses old skate decks to create sunglasses.
This is a great example of how we can take old materials and make new things that are just as interesting, unique, and nice looking. We like the idea of re-purposing used materials to create a totally new design. Sweet!

Experiment No. 1 - Skateboard Shades from Shwood Eyewear on Vimeo.

A little more about Shwood "Based in Portland, Oregon Shwood creates handcrafted wooden eyewear using fine exotic hardwoods.
Shwood’s in-house manufacturing process merges precision technology with classic skilled craftsmanship to create a timeless art form. Every step from veneering and precision lens cutting, to shaping and finishing is conducted in our own Portland-based workshop to promise an entirely handcrafted eyewear piece. View the collection at"

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