Ombak Bali International Surf Film Festival

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IndoSole was honored to have a sponsorship role in this year's Ombak Bali International Surf Film Festival. The four raging night of beers, dancing, laughter and surf cinematography was an all time experience. Here's a quick vid that our friend Nikko Karki edited that recaps the good times from this year's event.

Ombak Bali International Film Festival 2011 - Party on the Beach from Nikko Karki on Vimeo.

Mega shout out to the organizers for allowing us to be involved and to the other sponsors such as Rhythm, La Plancha, Rip Curl, Bintang and many more. If you haven't already, click on this Ombak Bali link to scroll and view some of this year's films that were shown.

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