Surf City U.S.A.

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Surf City U.S.A

While Huntington Beach hosted the U.S. Open of Surfing (and over half a million people) to its streets and beaches, the San Clemente based Indo crew led a tactical strike into Surf City to seize every facet the extravaganza had to offer.

Starting strong on Wednesday night at the Lido Theater, was the premier of Transworld’s surf flick Surprise Excitement Party along with Red Bull’s, Minor Threat. Led by the Coffin brother’s one two punch of power surfing and a new age aerial attack, S.E.P. ‘s biggest standout was Michel Bourez with superb backside barrel rides. The biggest surprise: S.E.P. features a rad 3-D section made possible with the help of Go-Pro and IndoSole family member Zach Shelhammer.

After an attempted surf at Upper’s (Kai doesn’t want to talk about it) we cruised up the PCH to the Agenda Trade Show, and made the rounds, checking in on friends, foes and the famous (Danny and the Dingo, Losness, Damo, Koston, Paul, Sheehan, etc).

The sights were great, but The Sounds were better. Led by Kai’s new girl Maja Ivarsson, the Sounds delivered a heavy hitting set late in the afternoon and even got pro surfers Laura Enever and Carissa Moore up and dancing.
After gathering a good five raffle tickets each, we headed over to the World Premier of Kai Neville’s Lost Atlas. Not to give away the ending, but … it rocked and did not disappoint. A must see as Neville uses raw cut footage of 15 of the world’s best surfers in conjunction with candid conversations to capture a side surfing that is often lost. As it turns out, being named Kai has its advantages when entering the post film gathering, and patience paid off as we got to stick around for Pacificos, senoritas, and most importantly, Dane testing out his knee’s fitness via mosh pit.

Signing off – Spencer

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