Extinguishing the Route to Waste

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Extinguishing the route to Waste

Although the positive contributions are irrefutable, Eco fashion is a design philosophy that can be contrived by one's tactic to gain marketing creditability for their label or brand. When we come across a fashion label and feel its stoke, there becomes this underlying question of, "Will a community benefit through this company's core principles and mission?"

I was recently web surfing through the Eco fashion world and landed on http://www.fire-hose.co.uk/index.html. The company is Elvis & Kresse and based in the UK. The reason and vision between IndoSole and Elvis & Kresse is unified. We both take durable materials that will end up in landfills, re-purpose the utility and supply a product connected to moments of the past. Elvis & Kresse take distinguished British Fire Brigade hoses and re-engineer them into useful day-to-day objects such as belts, bags, cases, dining table sets at much more. Think of the craftsmanship and history behind the salvaged fire hoses. WOW. Oh wait, forgot to mention that 50% of the profits are given to the Fire Fighters Charity. To answer the question of whether this company has credibility due to its community awareness. I think so. They know so.

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