Protect Sharks and Biodiversity

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Protect Sharks & Biodiversity

This one hits close to home. It's unfortunate that sharks have been labeled with such a negative reputation through out the decades. The human instinct of fear is a preconceived mistake toward to the oceanic creature and has possibly led us to neglect an important ecology issue.

As many know, shark fin soup is a culinary delicacy among the Asian culture. Although the market price for the item is not cheap, the demand has rapidly increased due to the rise of economic wealth in China. With this higher demand, over fishing has resulted in a 90% decline of many shark species. Fewer sharks in our oceans along with the imbalance of the underwater ecosystem is a topic with detrimental consequences.

This Friday night in San Francisco, Pangea Seed in collaboration with Spoke Art is launching an art exhibition in an effort to address the issue of shark depletion in our oceans. This is a great opportunity to absorb more knowledge about the issue and learn how you can help. Please check out and read through their content. COME OUT and SHOW SUPPORT for the cause.

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