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Town is kind of congested the last few days....more so than the average ebb and flow of traffic. There are reasons for this....The Oakley World Pro Junior Bali has set up camp in South Bali. Contest director has stationed heats either at Keramas or Canggu depending on the swell. I've always been a tad indifferent about surf contests; however, I view any Junior Pro event in Bali a testament to the island's youth levels in surfing.

(Above) Dharmaputra Tonjo from Legian, Bali tucks into a hollow cranny. During the second heat yesterday, Tonjo eliminated Nat Young, a junior tour standout from Santa Cruz, CA.

Canggu has been IndoSole's home turf for the last 3 years and we've been able to see the progression in youth surfing. Although some things have changed monetarily throughout the community (some kids can afford new boards off the racks) I have yet to see a slight decline in stoke while these kids are in the water. Once I return from a work mission in Bali, my first few surf sessions in California are always dismal. Could it be the cold water? Possibly, but rather, it's the lack of reverence for stoke from others in the lineup. There are no frumps or stink-eye Steve's in Bali and I allude to Bali's surfing youth for casting a FUN atmosphere throughout the many breaks. Whether it is playing or cracking jokes on each other between sets or hooting "YEEEEW!" as a random "bule" drops into a deep bowl, the stoke these local kids have and the talent they bring to the beach is unparalleled.

My approval for the The Oakley Junior Pro Bali is supported by Bali surfing youth. Yea, give these kids surf credit for their mind blowing abilities, but more importantly, lets envy their stoke for catching waves.

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