Happy New Year - Selamat Tahun Baru

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Wishing you and your family all the best in 2012. We at Indosole would like to thank our friends and fans for all the support in the early stages of our business. 2011 was a year of progress for our team and we look forward to following the path upward and onward in 2012.
It is important for all of us to set goals for ourselves and businesses while transitioning into a new year. For Indosole, there are many goals for this year ahead. Saving more tires, further inspiring resourceful creation, and staying true to our mission in this growth period are amongst the long list.
An immediate goal of ours is to hire a local Balinese man or woman to aid our production team during busy times. We are proud to have given local craftspeople jobs in manufacturing our footwear in the past/present. This time, we need a special someone who can provide utility in various areas. Our new hire will help us sort junk tires which will become shoe soles, additionally he/she will travel the streets of Bali on motorbike and pick-up and deliver goods from point A to point B.
Indosole has partnered with HOOP fund - A San Francisco based organization that assists like-minded businesses in following a mission and going to their respective "next levels." The crew at the HOOP fund is a solid group of people that are truly passionate about supporting causes thru microloans.
Indosole is offering shoes/sandals for purchase which are bundled with a small loan to help us hire and pay salary to a local Balinese. Thank you!

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