Don't Go To Lombok

Don't Go To Lombok
The waves suck and the people are crazy.

Lombok is an island east of Bali that was recently visited by Indosole's crew and some friends.

Lacking the elegance and cultural aptitude of Bali, Lombok is not for the weak. No A.C. rooms, massages on the beach, or a plethora of restaurants and bars to choose from for night time fun.

No beautiful views of ocean side cliffs and islands in the distance. No hilltop lookouts over the jungle and ocean combined. No amazing boat adventures to find uncrowded and pumping beautiful waves.

No paved roads that make it easy to get around. No exposed surf spots that are easy to find and paddle out to. No safe ice to drink. And definitely no delicious coconuts.

So if you are looking for a beautiful surf or beach destination to go to next, definitely Do Not Go To Lombok. The waves suck and the people are crazy.

.....Meanwhile we'll be there suffering from the lack of amenities. Try not to worry about us, we will be ok.

Our buddy Heath, putting up with Lombok's lack of resources....

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