Introducing "Good Humans"– Indosole

Introducing "Good Humans"

We like to do things a little different. I mean we make shoes from tires, we like to be original. So when it came time to start gathering a squad of ambassadors to represent us, our brand, and our mission, we wanted to do something that was powerful and for lack of a better word....RAD. What we all agreed on is calling our team of ambassadors to represent us....“Good Humans”. People that are passionate about what they do, make a difference for human kind, the earth, their community or in the way people think. They inspire us to be better just by being a good human. We also decided to switch it up a bit and include humans of all walks of life. Yes we are originally founded in the world of surf and there will be surfers on our team, but there will also be community leaders, outdoor and environmental enthusiasts, Yoga gurus, a rad kid, musicians, business owners, an organization or two, and a couple people we can't even call yet. Stay tuned this week for some announcements introducing our current Good Humans Thanks - indosole

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