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These last few weeks have been dedicated to dialing in the samples for the girls clothing, bags and accessories.  It is a tedious process that you feel like you take one step forward then one step back constantly... I'm finding out that what I draw out and envision in my head is only makes sense to me and that I wish I knew Indonesian. But once the design is nailed, I break it down to Kai (It helps to hear your ideas out loud, plus he translates it to the Tailors) then I have to factor in the what fabric to use and how that design will fit a complete stranger, then you can find me changing the design or being completely over it... I have already worked with 3 different Tailors, found a new one today and sent out some more samples, so hopefully by the end of this week we will have a set tailor and just keep making samples till we get it right! I had no idea it would be this difficult, but that feeling of when you receive a physical sample of something you have been staring at on paper or working up in your head is pretty awesome! Getting eager to have finished products especially since the clock is ticking, only one more month here...

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