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I have returned to California and real life but bearing lots of gifts and some rad life experiences! After spending about 3 months over in Bali and having had some of the most insane opportunities designing, sourcing, photographing and exploring I was ready to "take a step back" from it all. Living in a foreign country is such an exhilarating experience and everything is always moving so fast and theres no real comfort zone so it gets exhausting, especially when you are working and trying to create a kick ass collection! I am so happy to be home, getting back into routines and taking full advantage of everything Northern California has to offer, the list is endless and sometimes I wonder why I ever leave this place! But then you do and you realize the world is full of other awesome places, like Bali. My heart is torn between San Francisco and Bali, they really are some of the most inspiring and unique places I have lived. I haven't even gotten to the people I have met along the way, but you know who you are.. stay rad!
Excited to share our new threads with you all soon, stay tuned!

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