Tidal Bore in China from Mary Osbourne

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We received an email from one of our "Good Humans" , Mary Osbourne the other day, sharing her experience in China and seeing a rare and unusual natural phenomena...
"Ni- hao" Family, Sponsors and Friends, A brief update from the banks of the Qiantang, China tidal bore. It's been a successful adventure so far. The wave has been a blast for surfers to ride and most importantly, no one has been hurt and everyone has big smiles surfing the world's largest tidal bore. This year "Silver Dragon" is unusually large to do a typhoon hitting China's coastline. As a result, the river has much more water in it than usual creating a larger wave to surf. Even though this is my fourth year on the river, my first site of the wave approaching makes my stomach churn and heart beat fast. It is one of the most bizarre and unusual natural phenomenons I have ever experienced. It is one giant wall of whitewater ranging from 8-12 feet high and about a mile wide chasing you down. I am not surfing the bore this year, however, I have been hired on to do safety for the surfers who are. In a nutshell, I chase them down on a jet ski when there are things like barges, rocks, bridges and other unsafe things in the river. This year Redbull has a big prize purse for the team who surfs the bore the best. Surfers: Hawaiians: Makua Rothman & Kalani David US- Anastasia Ashley & Steve Newman OZ- Phll McDonald and Trent Munro OZ- "The Crew" Mark Mathews & Richie Vaculik ASP Judging by: Peter Townend (World Champion/legend) Glen Brumage (organizer) Artie Castro (ex pro surfer) Nic Zanzill (ASP judge) I don't have much video or pictures yet but I will be sure to share with everyone soon. Newsclip More crazy tidal bore pictures More to come soon. Wish us luck... Mary Osborne
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