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indosole events    Imagine yourself sitting on a tropical beach.  All ten toes digging in the warm sand.  Clear blue waves lapping in the background.  A local walks up to you and offers a fresh coconut.  He pulls out his machete, and within three graceful hacks the ice cold coconut is ready to drink. Now, imagine yourself walking through a street fair on the 7x7 “island” of San Francisco.  You look over to your right and you see a booth draped in beautiful handmade jewelry.  Keep strolling down, and to your left you spot some hip mason jar coffee cup invention.  A few more steps, and your eyes lock on the masterful display of coconut hacking at the Indosole booth.  You notice the “Indos and Cocos” sign propped up near the ice cold coconuts.  $5 coconuts.  $35 sandals.  $45 shoes.  Someone next to you asks “Are your sandals and shoes made from coconuts?” (I can’t tell you how many time I’ve got asked this question) Good question, but not quite.  All of our footwear is handmade on the enchanting island of Bali, Indonesia where sitting on the beach and drinking out of a coconut is part of the experience.  No coconut husks in our shoes, but every sole is made from repurposed tires from Indonesian landfill.  Our Indos and Cocos tour bring a little slice of Bali heaven to our Indosole booth. We have a handful of epic events coming up throughout the month of October and November.  Urban Air Market on Haight Street is going down on Saturday October 11th.  Who wouldn’t want to walk around Haight Street looking at all the rad vendors with a coconut in hand, and fresh new Indo’s on your feet?  After drinking that coconut, I’m sure you’ll want to find the nearest beach.  Fear not, the Ocean Beach Music and Art Festival is taking place the same day.  You can jam out with Don Carlos, The She’s, Air Surgeon, Down and Outlaws, and many more local bands right near da’ beach (Noriega Street to be exact).  Not to mention there will be over ten food vendors, two beer gardens, live art, a mobile petting zoo, and a pumpkin patch!  And yes, you called it, we will be hacking coconuts and selling Indo’s at the Indosole HQ. The dance party and coconut drinking doesn’t stop there.  The following weekend is one of our all time favorite events… The Treasure Island Music Festival.  We will have our coconut lounge ready for you and your friends to sit back, take a break and quench your thirst after rocking out.  Silent Disco… with coconut in hand? Now we’re talking.  And you know those high heels won’t last you long.  Our signature sandals and shoes will have your feet feeling cool and comfortable alllll niiiiight loooong…. To round out our tour, we will be feeling right at home at the Green Festival at the Fort Mason Center, Friday November 14- Sunday November 16.  Our sustainable footwear will be surrounded by over 250 eco-friendly businesses.  At the Green Festival, you can experience the widest selection of products and services to work green, play green, and live green. Come refresh your sole, and join us on rounding out the 2014 Indos and Cocos tour!

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