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Indosole Innertube Sandals Main BannerWith a reputation of re-purposing materials, we felt an urge to further explore the space of the local landfill. We pushed ourselves and are now proud to introduce the newest version of our Innertube sandals. The functionality, durability, and comfort of this fan favorite have been elevated, and has become an essential addition to everyone's sandal collection. With soles and straps made from innertubes, they are incredibly lightweight, flexible, and has a textured footbed (with pattern symbolizing tire treads). These slip-on-and-go sandals are perfect for quick trips to the beach, lounging around the house, or a day out with your friends. The footbed is laser cut to follow the shape of the bottom of a foot, so no need for breaking-in. There’s also a laser engraved logo now instead of screen print, for a sleeker overall look. AAAANNND Completely waterproof! - Now, go get wet! All of this awesome for just $30 retail! The Innertubed is available for both men and women.

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