Mark Healey and "The Waterman's Pack"

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Recently Indosole was featured in The Waterman's Pack with a mini video review of our Innertubed sandals by the founder, Mark Healey. What is a Waterman's Pack you ask? It's an awesome product subcription site, with "packs" curated every other month with the favorite products used by a respected waterman or waterwoman :) Each pack is designed to "provide tools, knowledge and motivation to log more time in the water and more fun while doing it."

The Innertubed sandal was praised for its light weight, the ability to dry quickly, and how well it molded to the foot. Its an essential to any water dweller. Watch the review below:

 See how easy he walks off back into his next adventure? That could also be you! The Innertubed sandal is a unisex style, so all that lightweight comfort is available to all waterpeople of the world.

For men shop HERE, and women shop HERE.

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