8 Reasons Why Indosole's are Good for Your Feet and the Earth

8 Reasons Why Indosole's are Good for Your Feet and the Earth

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Sustainably Made Flip Flops and Sandals

With the world's changing views on fashion and consumerism, we are now turning more towards brands that are not just good for us, but also good for the Earth.

Reducing our carbon footprint has now become a part of so many of our daily lives. Here at Indosole believe that when you put on a pair of our flip flops, you'll not only feel comfort, durability, style. But also an awareness every day that their choice to buy something that is responsibly made has a positive impact on both the environment, the people that produce the shoes and the global shift to conscious consumerism.

Choosing a pair of Indosole shoes is part of your journey towards a more conscious and sustainable lifestyle.

8 Reasons why Indosoles are great for both you and the Earth:

1) Waterproof

For everyday travels and adventures. Whether you get caught in the rain, are ambling around the pool, or heading to the beach, your Indosole's will get you there even if they're wet. And they can be cleaned and dried and ready to start all over again. We designed the ESSNTLS range for all terrains, meaning even if they are wet, the grip is unprecedented. (think car tires on wet roads - your Indosole sole provides the same functionality for your feet!)

Being waterproof they can also be cleaned and dried completely making them anti-bacterial. An essential reason why Raffles Hotel Singapore chose them for their in-house spa slippers, not to mention their sustainable action of replacing single-use. 

The ultimate beach slides - Men's Slides | Women's SlidesIndosole Cross Vegan Sandals

2) Vegan

Vegan footwear is made without any animal ingredients or byproducts making them cruelty-free and environmentally friendly! Leading us towards a greener future, Indosoles are designed and created in a way that makes them responsibly-made and overall more sustainable!

Flip Flops with Durable and Anti-slip Soles

3) All Terrain

The very thing that makes Indosole so unique is the recycled tire sole that connects your shoe to the ground you walk on. And like tires, the two redeeming features are grip and durability. Our tread is designed to capture tiny grains of sand or dirt and actually provide even more traction to prevent you from slipping as you walk.

4) Recycled Tire Soles

What makes Indosole's so great for the environment is the fact that we’ve taken waste tires that will not decompose and instead of allowing them to sit in landfills, we've repurposing them into soles of shoes. We have saved 80,000 tires from landfills in Indonesia so far! And in case you're wondering... that's 220,000 pairs of shoes. 

5) Envro Fibre

In order to make a supple strap, that doesn't rub and can withstand all conditions, we searched far and wide to find Envro Fibre. A custom made fiber, it uses little water and all-natural dyes, ticking all the right boxes for our shoes.

Natural Rubber Shoes

6) Natural Rubber

When you put on a pair of Indosole's there's an immediate reaction to the comfort - the 'squishiness' that you feel under your feet. That is the layer of natural rubber between the recycled tire sole and the footbed. Our rubber is responsibly grown and sourced in Indonesia, and along with the footbed, is dyed with natural dyes with no chemical and toxic run-off into our environment

Sandals with arch support and a contoured sole

7) Ergonomic Support

The ultimate game-changer - flip flops with arch support. With contoured footbeds, our Indosole range provides ultimate comfort with its superior cushioning while still being stylish enough to wear every day. Our unique contoured footbed not only provides arch support but hugs the foot in all the right places, creating better stability when being worn and keeping your foot in place in all-terrain.

Responsible and ethical shoe production in Indonesia

8) Made Responsibly

Indosole is a certified B corporation and it's proof that we meet the rigorous standards required. We are proud to be making footwear in a socially and environmentally responsible way.

Get your hands on one of our Indosole's ESSNTLS and feel the difference for yourself. And know that every day that your choice to choose something that is responsibly made has a positive impact on both the environment, the people that produce the shoes and the global shift to conscious consumerism. 

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