Ijal Mariachi Indosole

Meet Ijal: A Journey Through Art and Inspiration

Discover the story of Ijal, a talented graphic designer, dedicated father, and inspiring artist who is part of the Indosole family. Explore his passion for art, his unique style, and the impact of his creative journey. Dive into his insightful answers and be inspired by his perspective on being a good human. Connect with Ijal on Instagram (@ijalmariachi) and stay tuned for more exciting collaborations from the Indosole team.
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Say hi to Ijal!

Indosole is lucky to have Ijal be part of our family and team! Ijal has been working with us for a while and is a man of many talents, a great graphic designer, a dedicated father, an inspiring artist and above all a good human!

After working together for so long we finally had the opportunity to ask him some more in depth questions about his art and himself. His answers are so interesting and really inspired us, so definitely read till the end!

Ijal Mariachi Indosole

What does “art” mean to you?

Art means so much to me. It's an outlet for my creativity, and it's also a way for me to connect with and learn from others. I find solace and peace through creating art, but what makes it even more special for me is sharing these things with other people—not just seeing them by myself. For me, art is like a beautiful mysterious woman, who never grows old, and only gets more beautiful and forever demanding. haha


How did you find your passion for what you do?

I believe passion is something that can only be developed. Either you are born with passion, or you create passion. Passion always starts because you tried something out.

I found my passion when I was 7 year old. I loved drawing, even my school books were always full of drawings. Those things were my passions. I never intended to make art into a career, I simply did what I did best and love doing best, it's who and what I am and will always be. I'm happy because I chose what I needed to do to be authentic. You don't have to discover passion; it doesn't exist then it’s somewhere hiding from you, you have to create it by giving time, energy and effort.


How would you describe your style of art and what makes it unique? 

I don’t really have a good name for my style, but some people called it psychedelic pop art.

My illustration explores themes of gender, surreal and contemporary. I use bold lines to draw shapes and then fill them with distinct bright flat colors. I build my characters and perspectives to communicate specific concepts, inherent personalities and the emotions caught within that moment in time.


What is a good human?

Good human is a good person, doing interesting things that can inspire everyone in a positive way. Simply being an honest and kind person.

How does it feel to be one of our good humans?

It was great for me. I'm so happy to be able to share my little story with everyone. It's hard to become a good person, I have many problems in my life and I can't do that. But in fact, we don't need many actions, we just need to do what we should do. Practicing good things in our lives makes us and our surroundings happy. That's the point.


In one word, what does the world need more of?



In one word, what does the world need less of?


Where can people contact you to buy your art or find you on social media?

People can find and contact me through my Instagram at @ijalmariachi and soon maybe I will have my own website.



Let us know who else you think we should partner up with!

Love, Indosole Team

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