Meet our new retail partner - ZUMIEZ

Meet our new retail partner - ZUMIEZ

 Indosole is honored to introduce our newest retail partner for Spring/Summer 2018, Zumiez a worldwide leader in skateboarding, snowboarding apparel, accessories, and urban culture. Zumiez is a publicly traded company that was founded in 1978 and now has over 680 retail stores across the globe.

We are featuring our new ESSNTLS sandals for Men in 36 of Zumiez top stores and the most “ECOnomical” flip flops in the world are now stocked and available for sale at select retailers across the United States!

For us, this is a big step as a company with our first major retailer who provides the opportunity to tap into a younger demographic (ages 16-25) that appreciates products with style and comfort. For Zumiez and also the global consumer goods market.

Together, our mission is to get people thinking on a higher level when it comes to the products they purchase and use in everyday life. Our theory is that if we can influence a young consumer to wear our product and endorse the mission behind it, they will be encouraged to adopt these practices in other areas of their lives and pass it on to others.

Furthermore, the Indosole x Zumiez partnership may strengthen over time by offering tangible and quantifiable results based on the impact we are making together. This year, Zumiez and Indosole will prevent a minimum of 500 tires from ending up in the landfill and give them new life as footwear instead. 

Over the next two months, our team will be visiting the Zumiez stores and providing product knowledge as well as teaching the sales staff about the worldwide pollution problem and providing them with statistics and knowledge to pass down to their customers.

We are appreciative of Zumiez’ vision for our brand and look forward to a successful year together and many more to come.




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