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Indo Gift Ideas

Indo Gift Ideas

We’ve handpicked some of our favorite Indosole products to suit an array of lifestyles! 1. For the Backpacker: Innertubed sandal This sandal is perfect for that friend or family member who heads out of town and into nature at any opportunity. They practically live in hiking boots, but post-hike they need something to wear while hanging around the campsite or exploring near a lake. 2. For the Urban Dweller: Kota hightop 3. For the Market Lover: Indo canvas bag This is the friend who is constantly dragging you to farmers markets, vintage stores, and antiques fairs. This roomy bag with repurposed rice sack lining can be easily wiped down after carrying leaky jars of jam or dusty antique bowls. 4. For the Busy Parent: Kelapa shoe This is the friend or family member who is going from work to a PTA meeting to a basketball game to the grocery store and back again. They would really appreciate something cute and comfy to get from one place to the next. 5. For the Indo Enthusiast: Indo trucker hat  

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