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A dark Image of a large quantity of Burning Tire showing fossil fuels. Brining Awareness for World Health Day.

Our Planet, Our Health

WHO (World Health Organization) initiated the very first annual celebration of World Health Day on the 7th April 1954.   Since then World Health Day centered their campaigns on drawing attention to health related issues that concern people worldwide. Therefore, this year's focus lies on the urgent demand of the immediate shift of public attention from economical interest to health related issues connected to global warming. Likewise, WHO demands us to reimagine a world that is fair, where rich countries are not gatekeeping resources essential for living, like water, food and clean air. We need to create an economy that is focused on human well-being and give control to those affected over their health, as well as this planet's health now. According to WHO‘s estimations over 13 Million people are dying each year due to environmental causes that could have been prevented.  Since Indosole is all about  repurposing already existing resources, we wanted to take the chance to raise awareness on this  topic and highlight Indosoles mission. WHO made clear that with a shocking 90% of humans worldwide every single person on earth is breathing unhealthy air, which is the result of fossil fuels being burned in factories, vehicles, etc. Each year, over 1.5 Billion tires are being burned in developing countries because they are a cheap and efficient source of energy, releasing toxins into the air that have a serious negative impact on human health and on the environment. Studies found that depending on the length and intensity of exposure, risks like irritation of the skin, eyes mucous membranes or respiratory effects can occur. These fumes might also cause damage to the central nervous system, depression and cancer. Tires that are not being burned end up in landfills, where they will not decompose for thousands of years and become breeding grounds for mosquitoes contracting threatening diseases like Malaria. WHO already realized, with earth‘s temperatures rising continuously, the growing risk of mosquitoes spreading further and faster than ever before.   We need to face the issues created by mankind on this planet now and answer with radical changes in our habits of consumption. The forced shutdown of many economical branches has proven to us that our planet is able to recover and reset with rivers running clear again in Venice, meaning that it is not too late to take action. But right now at this moment we are not allowed to go back to our old ways of ignoring the health of humans and of our earth. Recovery is desperately needed. Our planet is our health.   
We’re with nature, Happy #WorldEnvironmentDay2017!

We’re with nature, Happy #WorldEnvironmentDay2017!

Being located in Indonesia and Northern California, we are fortunate enough to be surrounded by some of worlds most beautiful cultures and climates. With Indonesia’s booming influx of tourism, as well as an outdated awareness of waste reduction, the amount of litter and lack of reusable resources/recycling, the quick deterioration of its beauty is easily apparent.   In light of #WorldEnvironmentDay2017 theme: “Connecting people to nature”, we challenge you to find fun and exciting ways to experience and cherish the places you love. As the landscape and people of Bali has captivated us so much that we set out to save 1 million tires from burning by transforming discarded tires into soles.  So far succeeded in saving over fifty thousand tires from the flames, we are well on our way. To us, Bali & California are places those special places that matter. We feel a strong social responsibility towards protecting these amazing places we call home. We love hearing about your favorite places! Show us your place that matters this #WorldEnvironmentDay!    

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