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Interstyle: JAPAN

This past week two members of the Indosole crew set out on an epic adventure. Kai Paul and Kyle Parsons (The KP's) visited Tokyo, Japan in support of Indosole's distributor (EverNew Inc.) at the Interstyle Tradeshow Mission:• Sell Indosole products and create Indosole brand buzz in Japan• Explore the city of Tokyo, its retail outlets, fashion trends, and culture• Consume as much good food and sake as possibleThe KP's landed into Haneda airport and were immediately greeted by host - Takaya Miyoshi. The Evernew crew had the tradeshow booth all dialed in for Indosole product presentations, including a translator named Kei who had his english vocabulary expanded vastly by the end of the tradeshow. Kei is now familiar with the term "What's up Dude" and can throw a perfect shaka.After 3 days of successful tradeshow presentations, the KP's wrapped up their week's stay with exploration on foot and a proper sushi binge. It was truly a trip of epic proportions and a big thanks goes out to all at EverNew for the good times and hospitalityDomo Arigatou Gozaimasu and until next time Japan!check out our TV interview too! notice the similarities between Kyle and Bill Murray...slightly lost in translation!link provided belowINTERVIEW

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