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Kai Paul at TEDxJIS "What if waste = $$"

It may not look like it but Kai Paul was born and raised in Indonesia. He grew up in Jakarta with his parents who were school teachers at the Jakarta International School. As a young redhead kid living in Jakarta, Kai got to experience what it is like growing up in a developing nation with a pollution problem. This past February, Kai returned to his family’s alma mater and took the stage at TEDxJIS. Kai took this opportunity to share his passion for his home country of Indonesia and vision for the future of waste management and the emerging “Secondary Resource Market” aka “Modern Day Mining.” “I love Indonesia with all my heart, and that is why I am willing...

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Advice for Entrepreneurs

Starting a business is often a rocky road but a rewarding experience. Kai Paul, Indosole’s Vice President, was recently interviewed by Claudia Eslah for Cause An Effekt, a podcast that features “disruptive entrepreneurs” to empower and educate others on building their businesses. In this interview Kai talks about a range of topics, from how fate brought him to Indosole, the process of designing the first pair of Indos, why money and finances are so important in startups, and how allotting time for play can lead to better work quality. Have a listen to the interview here.

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