Heyy Ladies! Workshop Clothing Swap

Heyy Ladies! Workshop Clothing Swap

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Since 2009, we have made it a ritual to donate clothing to our loyal and focused Indo artisans. The donations are wheeled over in large rolling bags from California and typically consist of American brand labels (which they go bananas for) and clothing that they can either wear themselves or bring home for their children. Most of the Indo artisans have larger families of 3-4 children and they will wear these clothes as well as hand them down to the younger siblings as they go. 

This time, we put together assortments of clothing for the ladies specifically. The women at our workshop are the backbone of the operation and are managers as well as skilled seamstresses and quality control specialists. We wanted to hook them up with more functional and durable upcycled clothing but also some cute stuff to wear outside of work :)

Thanks to 4 lovely ladies from San Francisco, we had clothing for all seasons and all sizes which were diverted on their path to the local Goodwill in SF. Instead, the clothing was given to our crew and they were beyond stoked!

Big Thanks to (from top left to right) Zhenya,  Chrissy, KenyaJessa and the Lulu Lemon store of San Francisco for giving our artisans a head to toe make-over of leisure wear and even summer dresses. 


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