How Do I Make A Return? 
Can I exchange my Indosoles? 

If your Indosoles are still tagged, in the box and purchased within the last 30 days and you would like to exchange for another size, model, color, please click the exchange box on the Returnly form and let us know the style/color/size and we will get right back to you!  If your Indosoles are worn and you are unsatisfied with them for any reason, we can offer an exchange.


* Regular ground shipping free on all purchases.  Return shipping cost not included.

Can I Get A Refund?

If your Indosoles are still tagged, in the box and purchased within the last 30 days, please click on the link below to start the return process.


* Regular ground shipping free on all purchases.  Return shipping cost not included.

Do You Offer A Warranty And How Can I Claim It?

Sole to Soul Warranty Policy

*If you paid full price direct from our website we will replace your Indosole's with any defect, thong pull, or strap break. Photo of the issue will be required.

If you purchased your sandals at discount, during a sale, or at a 3rd party outlet you may also apply for warranty but will be issued a partial warranty / discount on future purchase.

Please send an email to indo@indosole.com with the following information;

1. Where the product was purchased (our website or 3rd party outlet)

2. Order number if ordered from our website

3. Photo of the current state of the product

4. Reason for warranty claim

5. Approximate date of purchase (month and year)

6. Shipping address


What Is The Form Feel?

We use a super lightweight and soft natural rubber footbed that molds to your feet over time. This footbed also features a center rise that supports your arch for all day wear. 

Is There A Break-In Period?

Our Slides, specifically, do require a break in period. Our vegan ENVRO Fibre uppers start off stiff, but will shape to your foot after multiple wears giving you the most comfortable and durable pair of slides in your collection. 

"They might ride a bit into the front of your foot (where the slide tightens), so you might get some rubbing there, but once that's over, what an amazing slide! Worth every cent :)" - Christian Mendocena

Are They Durable?

Not only is our use of recycled tire soles beneficial for the environment, but it also creates the most durable sandal sole out there. Combine this with our natural rubber footbeds and durable Vegan ENVRO Fibre, you get a Sandal that will last many seasons. To ensure defects don't hinder performance, we offer a one year warranty on any product defects. 

I Have Very Wide Feet, Do You Carry Widths?

If you have a wide foot, our men’s flip flops and slides offer a wider footbed than women’s. FYI: A men’s size 7-8 is somewhat equivalent to a women’s size 8.5 - Please refer to the size guide on our product pages for more information. 

Are The Sandals Waterproof? 

YES. Our sandals are 100% waterproof and made to get wet and withstand nature's elements. Our signature tire tread bottoms even offer superior grip on slick and muddy surfaces. 

Can I Clean My Sandals?

Our sandals are 100% waterproof and you can clean them by hand with soap and water. You may also wash them in a washing machine. However, DO NOT put sandals in the dryer. 

Are Your Sandals Compostable Or Recyclable?

No, not at this time. In the future, we aim to launch a return/recycle program with Terracycle. 

Currently we do have a sandal drop off at our flagship store in Bali. These old sandals are used by a local artist for her installations, and we are in process of recycling the tire material into new products, stay tuned.

Where Is The Product Made?

All of our products are made in Indonesia. We use high-quality natural and recycled materials which are locally sourced in Indonesia. Each pair is assembled with care and feature a hand sewn upper and our signature recycled tire soles.

Are your Sandals Really Better For The Planet?

We spent years sourcing the best materials we could find in Indonesia. With a commitment to sustainability and responsible manufacturing, the materials we use are the benchmark of our brand. 

- Natural Rubber Footbeds: Super soft and comfortable / waterproof / arch support

- Strong Nylon Toe Thong: Soft yet strong enough for all your wild adventures

- Vegan ENVRO Fibre Straps: No water used in the process, matte finish, and wears in like leather

- Recycled Tire Soles: Rubber from discarded tires molded and pressed into our signature soles


40% Recycled Tire

30% Natural Rubber

30% Synthetic Rubber


30% Recycled EVA Foam

25% Natural Rubber

25% New EVA

20% Calcium Filler (CACO)


30% Recycled PU

70% New PU

Toe Post:

100% Recycled Webbing


100% Recycled - from Recycled Plastic Bottles

Shoe Box:

100% Recycled Cardboard


100% Recycled Paper and 100% Natural Rattan String


How long has the company been around?

Since 2009

As a retailer, how can I get Indosole products in my store?

Where do you sell your products? I am looking for a local retailer


How Do You Turn Tires Into Soles?

Are you a certified B Corporation?

Where do you produce?

We make all of our products in Indonesia where Indosole was founded. Fun fact Indo in Indosole stands for Indonesia!

Where do you get your tires?

All of our tires are intercepted from going in the landfill or from being burned in Indonesia.

What is the material of the footbed and strap?

30% Natural Rubber 

30% Recycled EVA Rubber

40% (NEW) EVA

100% Nylon 

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