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Natural Rubber
Arch Support
Arch Support
All Terrain
Recycled Tire Soles
Made Responsibly

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ESSNTLS Slide Women BlackESSNTLS Slide Women Black
ESSNTLS Flip Flops Women BlackESSNTLS Flip Flops Women Black
ESSNTLS Slide Women Sea SaltESSNTLS Slide Women Sea Salt
ESSNTLS Flip Flops Women LeafESSNTLS Flip Flops Women Leaf
ESSNTLS Flip Flops Women SoilESSNTLS Flip Flops Women Soil
ESSNTLS Flip Flops Women GraniteESSNTLS Flip Flops Women Granite
ESSNTLS Flip Flops Women ShoreESSNTLS Flip Flops Women Shore
ESSNTLS Slide Women LeafESSNTLS Slide Women Leaf
ESSNTLS Slide Women SoilESSNTLS Slide Women Soil
ESSNTLS Slide Women GraniteESSNTLS Slide Women Granite
ESSNTLS Slide Women ShoreESSNTLS Slide Women Shore
ESSNTLS Flip Flops Women Sea SaltESSNTLS Flip Flops Women Sea Salt
Women ESSNTLS Slide Light LeafWomen ESSNTLS Slide Light Leaf
Women ESSNTLS Slide Light ShoreWomen ESSNTLS Slide Light Shore
Women's ESSNTLS Light SoilWomen's ESSNTLS Light Soil
ESSNTLS Slide Women CoralESSNTLS Slide Women Coral


ESSNTLS Flip Flops Men Black
ESSNTLS Slide Men Black
ESSNTLS Flip Flops Men Soil
ESSNTLS Flip Flops Men Leaf
ESSNTLS Flip Flops Men Shore
ESSNTLS Slide Men Leaf
ESSNTLS Flip Flops Men Granite
ESSNTLS Slide Men Soil
ESSNTLS Flip Flops Men Sea Salt
ESSNTLS Slide Men Granite
ESSNTLS Slide Men Shore
ESSNTLS Slide Men Sea Salt
Men ESSNTLS Sandal Color Block Shore - Light Shore
Men ESSNTLS Sandal Color Block - Leaf - Light Leaf
Men ESSNTLS Slide Light Soil
ESSNTLS Slide Men Light Shore

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Worn Your Way

The ESSNTL Slides are the culmination of a decade of innovation. Classic contemporary design united with EnviroFiber and our patented repurposed tire technology in consciously created footwear for every step of your journey.



Behind The Brand

We thrive on inspiring stories and want to share ours with you. From Good Humans and creative individuals to our fundraising events - take time to explore.

Let's Be Honest.

We will always try to do better. As a B-Corp, Indosole takes responsibility for every step of our creation process, offering greater transparency and social and environmental culpability for a brighter tomorrow.

To learn more about our B-Corp certification, click below.

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