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San Franpsycho
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Andy Olive

Raised in the Sunset District since age two, Andy has developed a strong sense of community and a deep understanding of the diversity of San Francisco’s people. Andy started surfing at age 15 and has arranged his life around surfing as a priority. After traveling the world experiencing the different cultures, chasing good waves and while at home in SF, working as a teacher at Sunset Cooperative Nursery School for the last ten years, Andy is now focusing full time on San Franpsycho and bringing more of the community into the company on a daily basis.

Christian Routzen

Christian grew up in the surf culture of Ventura, California and was originally drawn to San Francisco to play soccer at San Francisco State University. Transplanting north, two important things happened: First, at SFSU, Christian entered the Cinema Department and learned filmmaking. Second, he had met Andy Olive and a core group of surfing friends, “The Kellys Cove Boys”. It was at that time he had decided to combine his passions for surfing and film, and he made a surfing documentary of the local crew he had become close friends with. The film was titled “San Franspycho”. Two years after that he made a sequel called, “San Franpsycho: Wet and Wreckless”. As San Franpsycho has evolved, Christian has dedicated himself to growing the brand with hard work, fun, and creativity.

When not creating rad threads and tearing up the streets of San Francisco, you can find team San Franpsycho working with Surf For Life to help build schools over in El Salvador and Nicaragua.

For more info check out San Franpsycho’s website.

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