Andy Finch

Andy Finch

Andy Finch
Shoe size - 11

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Tan Burlap Sandals


Truckee, CA


Professional Snowboarder





What's your story?

Just an active kid really with a love for life and God. Something that jumped out at me from Indosole from the get go was the actual motorcycle tire for your sole of your shoe. So many companies claim green and recycle material, but the reality is that it still is being completely reprocessed in machine, taking energy and involves melting stuff back down. I love how you can actually see the tire tread when you walk on the dirt. Just seeing the way Kyle has started this company out of the garage while lending his house to visitors 24/7 says something about him and his company. I’m hooked and stoked to be a part of it anyway I can. Not to mention the shoes and sandals are killer!

What do you do?

I was a professional competitive snowboarder for 14 years. I have a love for the outdoors and standing sideways;) I do a lot of public speaking now, outreaches, mission trips, remodel projects, property management, boarding of all sorts, mountain biking, and I’m going to be a papa real soon.

Favorite place to travel to?

I would have to say Morro Bay cause it is close enough to drive to and a complete change of scenery, mellow too.

How have you impacted the community/environment or thoughts on how to.

For me I don’t think it is so much about the community as much is it is trying to serve one person at a time, which in turn I feel will effect the community. I do my best to respect others and the environment. Everything is a gift, but that doesn’t mean we should use and abuse and leave it for someone else trashed. I think (Luke 6:31) says it all.

Who is someone you look up to?

I look up to my granpa inlaw. Guess that is how you would title him, but I have never met a man so heaven bound. He’s old now, but never seen someone so ready to retire his body in exchange for a new one in a joyful way, but while still here, is happy to be here, for he knows God still has work for him and a purpose. So to me, he gets it, he understands Gods love for us on that next level to the point he can’t wait to be next to Jesus. A lot of people will claim that, but he just radiates it!

What are your plans in the next couple years/ near future?

Plans? Good question. Well I have been enjoying commentating events and hosting the broad cast so I hope to do more of that, but I surf when I can whither it be powder or waves. I enjoy the odd remodel job here and there. But I mostly enjoy time with my wife and working on building a family.

Any sponsors or things to plug?

Shout out to China Peak the local ski resort where I grew up, that place is awesome. Gopro for making the dopest and fun camera. Ripcurl for all the support over the years and my family most of all for a true unconditional love.