Andrew Matthews

Andrew Matthews

Andrew Matthews
Shoe size - 10

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Black Pantai/Beach Shoe



San Diego








Where are you from / What's your story?

Well in short I grew up in San Diego and from early on, fell in love with the water. My parents introduced me to the ocean from an early age. Throughout high school and into college I dedicated a good portion of my free time to surfing. I enjoy competitive surfing but from an early age my dad started to bring us down to Baja and from a youngster I got the travel bug. During college I spent summers traveling around Mexico, Central America and South America trying to perfect my Spanish and chase around adventure. In the last five years or so I have moved a bit of my surf passion over to the world of rivers. I have been blessed to work as a whitewater rafting guide and started kayaking as a result of always being on the river. This desire to kayak and raft has led me to try and chase summer year around, whether California in the summer, Africa or Latin America in Fall and Winter and a good surf trip somewhere in-between.  Check out more of my Tour of Dreams @

How have you impacted the community/environment or thoughts on how to?

One of the coolest projects I have been apart of is a surf film called "Calling on Others." A good friend Scott LeDuc brought me along to one of his yearly surf trips to Bali and during that trip we discovered much more than just good surf. We put together a short surf documentary about some of the local young surfers in the town of Canggu. The surf film was used to help out some of these young rippers with financial support for education. More than a surf film or money raised, we were able to make some life long friendships with amazing people.

Favorite place to travel to?

Africa, Mexico and California

Who is someone you look up to?

Those who are out there chasing there dreams.

What are your plans in the next couple years/ near future?

The next year or so will be spent working in California and Africa as a rafting guide and hopefully so chasing of rivers as well. Then when I need a change a pace maybe a surf trip down south in the Suenos Van.

Any sponsors or things to plug?

Thanks to the family for all the love and support, Live Agape, Zinka and all my river bros and sisters.

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