Vanis Buckholz

Vanis Buckholz

Vanis Buckholz
Shoe size - 8

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Black Innertubed Sandals



Corona Del Mar



Owner of My Recycler





Where are you from / What's your story?

I am 10 years old and go to Harbor View Elementary School. I live in Corona del Mar with my Mom and Dad and my dog named Potsy. We rescued her from a shelter. She is a 2 year old mutt. I was born in Newport Beach and use to live in Laguna Beach. My grandparents and most of my bigger family live in Ohio.

Love to hear anything personal you have here that you feel relates to us.
I really like you guys and what you are doing. Using the recycled tires and the trash for your soles and tags is really cool. I tell everyone about my Indosole shoes and flip flops. It feels special to have your stuff because other kids don't have them yet. I want to go see the tire landfills and the factory in Indonesia someday and drive a scooter around to the beaches I see on your Facebook page. We're both doing something good for the environment and we both like our jobs. Being a partner with Indosole is fantastic and I want to keep doing good stuff together.

What do you do?

I'm a kid and I like to do lots of things but I don't like being indoors. I love to be outside. I really like boogie boarding, bike riding, skate boarding, basketball, riding my scooter, racing real Go-Karts and going racing with my dad. When I'm not doing homework, my sports or playing I manage my job which I started when I was 7. It's a recycling business called “My ReCycler” You can learn all about it on my website I guess what's special about my business is that I started it all by myself and built it up by just working hard at it. I also do most of my business on my bike with a trailer attached. Everything I collect gets recycled and from the beginning I have been giving 25% of the money I make to a charity called Project Hope Alliance. They help kids who need shelter, food and school things. Their website is I have two great sponsors of my business. One is you guys and the other is the John Wayne Cancer Foundation. They got me my trailer and provide me with sunscreen and hats. They also promote my business on their Facebook page as well as donate their recyclables to me. They are at

How have you impacted the community or environment or thoughts on how to.

I have always picked up trash or pollution where I see it. It's what my parents taught me when I was real little. When I started my recycling business it was easy to start looking for more recyclables around town at our parks, beaches, playgrounds and in the streets. It is really hard to believe how much stuff I just pick up when I'm riding around. I wish everyone would just put their trash in garbage cans and not pollute. It's also easy to recycle. My business makes it even easier for people because I will come to your house and pick it up. If someone doesn't have a lot of recycling I tell them it doesn't matter and that every little bit helps. Some people want to pay me for what I do and I tell them they can just make a donation to Project Hope Alliance.

What are your plans in the next couple of years/ near future?

I want to do well in school and get better in my sports and in the things I like. I want to keep growing my business so I will keep putting out flyers and hopefully get more people to help me. It would be good to have my own recycling yard where big businesses bring me their recycling. My business would be different because I would still give back to Project Hope and I would encourage kids to start their own business, give them tours of the yard and talk to them about how it works. I would give other kids advice and encouragement to do want they like and to find a way to help others.

Where is your favorite place to travel?

Ohio to see my cousins or to Miami where we vacation. But I really want to go to Rio De Janeiro because I want to hang glide or do a zip line there.

Any sponsors or things to plug?

I just want to say thanks most of all to my customers for helping me. I have lots of neighbors all over Corona del Mar who recycle for me. And many businesses recycle for me too. Some customers travel from San Juan Capistrano and Hollywood to bring me their recyclables! Please spread the word and let others know about "My ReCycler".