Saying 'Bye Bye' to Plastic Bags

Saying 'Bye Bye' to Plastic Bags

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Succesful Beach Clean Up

A warm welcome goes out to the newest members of the Indosole Good Human Crew, Melati and Isabel Wijsen of Bye Bye Plastic Bags (BBPB)! The sisters (pictured at center) founded a social initiative that has been making massive strides towards a plastic bag-free Bali since its inception. It is always inspiring to see the youth care deeply about a cause, but these young ladies really take it to another level. It's non-stop for them--from organizing beach cleanups to attending conferences to giving a global TED Talk--all while being students at the Green School. They continue to blow us away with their hard work, achievements, perseverance, and leadership of their crew of volunteers. To learn more about Melati, Isabel, and the activities of BBPB, read their Good Human profile here.

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