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The Most ECOnomical flip flop in the world is now available!

Indosole is enthused to release ESSNTLS, the footwear collection that will form part of the next generation of environmental solutions. ESSNTLS represents the second stage of Indosole’s mission to become the most responsible footwear company in the world. ENVIRONMENTAL INNOVATORSWe dedicated the last 10 years to being the environmental keepers of the future. We merged artisan skill with corrective impact, developing a laborious shoemaking process that transforms tires to soles by hand. Through this analog technology and circular thinking we were able to save over 80K+ tires from landfills but looking at the exponential rate of industrial world waste, we realized we had to up our game. We set out to prevent the environmental hiccup of the future. A breakthrough...

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We’re with nature, Happy #WorldEnvironmentDay2017!

Being located in Indonesia and Northern California, we are fortunate enough to be surrounded by some of worlds most beautiful cultures and climates. With Indonesia’s booming influx of tourism, as well as an outdated awareness of waste reduction, the amount of litter and lack of reusable resources/recycling, the quick deterioration of its beauty is easily apparent.   In light of #WorldEnvironmentDay2017 theme: “Connecting people to nature”, we challenge you to find fun and exciting ways to experience and cherish the places you love. As the landscape and people of Bali has captivated us so much that we set out to save 1 million tires from burning by transforming discarded tires into soles.  So far succeeded in saving over fifty thousand tires...

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Saying 'Bye Bye' to Plastic Bags

A warm welcome goes out to the newest members of the Indosole Good Human Crew, Melati and Isabel Wijsen of Bye Bye Plastic Bags (BBPB)! The sisters (pictured at center) founded a social initiative that has been making massive strides towards a plastic bag-free Bali since its inception. It is always inspiring to see the youth care deeply about a cause, but these young ladies really take it to another level. It's non-stop for them--from organizing beach cleanups to attending conferences to giving a global TED Talk--all while being students at the Green School. They continue to blow us away with their hard work, achievements, perseverance, and leadership of their crew of volunteers. To learn more about Melati, Isabel, and the activities of BBPB, read their Good Human profile...

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Protect Where You Play

If you follow us on social media, you may have already read about our contest with Free & Easy Traveler (FNEZ) that is running until March 17. Yes, a free trip to Bali & the Gili Islands plus a prize pack from Indosole in exchange for posting a selfie on Instagram is very exciting, but what's even better is the fact that the winner will travel with a company that we love, which shares our belief that we as travelers should do our best to protect and give back to the places we visit. There are a number of Global Initiatives that FNEZ travelers can get involved in, ranging from beach clean ups to minimizing plastic waste to volunteering with local communities. FNEZ as a company also supports...

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