Re-Purposed Synergy

Re-Purposed Synergy

IndoSole values the mechanics and efficiency of two wheeled transportation. Whether it's a ten block bicycle ride to the produce market or an urban motorbike exploration through SF, we get our fix on two wheels.

Dylan Bigby may possibly bleed chain grease. He and I first met in 2006 while we studied at San Francisco State University. It wasn't a classroom introduction, but rather it was our shared stoke to build fixed gear bikes and mash around the SF streets. It's a rad coincidence that once we obtained our degrees at SFSU, the passion for riding on rubber tires inspired us to devise a lifestyle project that re-purposes worn down tires.

Dylan Bigby is the founder of Retired Belts.

Neighbors: Dylan Bigby (Full Length) from Agency Charlie on Vimeo.

- JU

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