Aqua Surf Shop and Indosole

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IndoSole is grateful to have some rad retail support across the stars and stripes nation and even the globe. However, there's nothing like a good neighbor that you regularly see in the lineup or at the local pizza joint. Aqua Surf Shop is an establishment of creative minded folks that IndoSole profoundly respects. They were family before Indo product was introduced onto their shelves..well..maybe even before our entire mission was conceptualized.

The two wise owls behind Aqua Surf are Aleks Petrovitch and Devin Dargell. These dudes don't care whether you shred or trim the high line; as long as you have a grin on your face and have a full tank of stoke. Aleks was recently interviewed by the kool kats over at Korduroy TV. Mr. Petrovitch is a multi-tasking machine so please read this interview and check out his other ingenious projects when away from Aqua.


If you are visiting the San Francisco area or a resident who has never been into Aqua Surf Shop, make this shop a mandatory stop and throw dem a mega shaka. Tell em IndoSole sent you!

2 locations: 2830 Sloat Blvd. San Francisco / 1742 Haight St. San Francisco

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