Refined Craft for the Pavement


This past weekend was all time since Indian Summer has finally made its well anticipated arrival in San Francisco. The weather flirted with temps near yes, the dry winds were blowing east. Some may say that there was a lack of swell. Well, depends on who you ask. If you grabbed the most foam in your quiver, you might have come down with a rare yet desiring illness that my good mate Teacher Kevin calls "froth-itis." The highline trim and lowline head dips were there for the taking during loww tide.

After fueling up on a full tank of premium leaded stoke, I took some time on land to shoot da breeze with the mates @ Mollusk Surf Shoppe. While walking up Irving St., I noticed some people getting loose on the pavement with some highly alluring skateboards. I asked the smiling young man with the longer shaped board-

"who's the maker of these boards?"

he replied, "me" with a slight grin. "you wanna ride one?"

After pushing and leaning into a few tight pavement lines, he and I went inside to talk about his project. Erik Maki, the visionary behind Maki Longboards, is completely passionate toward his endeavor. I could feel his enthusiasm in both his board designs and the materials / processes going into each one. One topic that really stoked me was his approach to maintain complete wood rawness with using Entropy Bio Resin. Erik emphasized that each board he crafts is progressing to higher performance levels with rider feedback while also mastering the sustainable design science. Did I mention that his boards look slick. No Graphics. Just Rawness. Please check out Had the pleasure to ride his Skipper shape...could not have trimmed more this past weekend. Thanks Erik!

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