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Good mate Mark Marovich, founder of The Greener Blue, wanted to pick our brain a bit. He delivered us some questions...hoping to get a deeper scope of IndoSole. We decided that no person was better suited for such a task than IndoSole's production manager / co-founder, Faye Middleton. click link below for interview


The following is just a brief introduction into The Greener Blue. If you have not yet been to this website, we're casting a spell on you until you check it!

When not working for the man, I enjoy surfing. Although my preferred activity doesn't seem to be threatening to the environment from the casual onlooker, referring surfing to a natural art form is a paradox. Surfboards are constructed from polystyrene, wetsuits are PVC based and well, that white stuff that is rubbed onto the board is petroleum based with synthetic rubbers. We make the attempt to live a carbon free life. Avoid certain items here and there, yet we still encounter the evils of pollution, forest degradation......

Companies and shapers in the surf industry have begun to realize that technology is advancing in a way to combat some of their past negligence thus newly sustainable substitutes have revolutionized the way we perceive surf products. For example, we have a choice between polystyrene or reclaimed / sustainably harvested wood for a surfboard. We must give credit to sustainable information portals like The Greener Blue. It has given us a new way to see surfing through a green lens.

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