5 Sustainable Travel Items

5 Sustainable Travel Items

Whether you choose to trek through Mount Shasta’s latest snow fall, ride a Gold Coast wave, or sip a brew walking over River Thames the following Spring travel items from respective companies are sustaining art, quality and community through their fashion journey. | TRAVEL PACK | The details, function and burly features of the Raja Pack, Ethnotek’s longest standing heritage bag combines ethically sourced handmade textiles with high-quality features and is ideal for today’s digital nomad! Purpose-built for the daily commute, a weekend camping trip, and the occasional cross-continental journey of self-discovery, the 840 denier water-resistant backpack is for your unique travel exhibition. The Raja Backpack is laptop compatible and fits 15” + 17” MacBook Pro & most 15” PC Laptops. The giant roll top main compartment gives substantial internal storage access and has an extra layer of water-resistant rip-stop nylon on either a 30 or 40 Liter backpack. What makes the Raja unique is its interchangeable front panel called a Thread! Each Thread is created from handmade textiles that are sourced in person and purchased directly from our partnering artisans in Ghana, Guatemala, India, Indonesia, and Vietnam. | DOPP KITT | Rethinking materials and responding to feedback procures the travel accessory to hold your little essentials. The All In bag by MAFIA has a slim profile and can hang handsfree by attaching a shoulder strap or stand alone as a 10” x 2” toiletry bag. A lifetime warranty comes with each design made of repurposed kitesurf and sailboat sails. “When you get a MAFIA Bag you are also getting  piece of the ocean, supporting local community and sustainable practices.” - MAFIA | SUNGLASSES | Natural wood and stone sunglasses makes each reclaimed Bambusee design unique. Teak and rosewood are reclaimed from demolished buildings and handmade by artisans. Both polarised and non polarised lenses are available in select finely polished styles. The innovative environmentalism prevents deforestation and directly supports a series of local charities in Indonesia. | SHOES | The new look and improved fit of our own Pantai Travel Shoes are ideal for a plethora of dry conditions. Hand crafted with 100% repurposed tire soles, the EVA foam insole with arch support is machine washable. The durable custom dyed canvas shoe is made free of animal and fuel powered machinery to generate a lifestyle of resourceful creation. | WATCH | “Keeping forests healthy and happy, keeps us healthy and happy and we like to keep this reminder on our wrists” - WeWood A pioneer in stylish natural wood watches that reflect culture and artistic heritage of Florence, WeWood designs at the helm of luxury and eco-conscious mind. Thus far, 604,475 trees have been planted across the globe since the year 2010. You have a choice to do this or support an initiative when you purchase one of the completely toxic and artificial free watches. An option to customize engravings on your extremely lightweight timepiece designed with exotic remnants and hardwoods is also available.

Indosole x SurfAid

We are proud to announce a partnership with SurfAid Organization during this holiday season. Together, our goal is to promote the well-being and general health of women and children in Southeast Asia and beyond. www.surfaid.org Similar to Indosole, SurfAid began with a trip to Indonesia where the founder - Dr. Dave Jenkins was impacted by seeing women and children dying of malaria, malnutrition, and inadequate living standards. Dr. Dave decided to do what he could to stop the suffering. Now, SurfAid runs programs for Water & Sanitation, Malaria, Nutrition, and with community health centers. Read more here: https://www.surfaid.org/founders Indosole will do its part by offering a special deal on our popular Tan Burlap sandals and donate 15% of web sales back to SurfAid.

EcoBali Recycling

Luxurious and hip are two perfectly suited words to help describe the island of Bali, Indonesia, and inevitably placing it high on the tourist destinations list. Bali has inspired tourists and transplants to help make and support Bali in becoming a cleaner and more environmentally conscious place. Change can come about through education, and with different inspiring projects and movements immersing,  this well needed change in Bali is definitely starting to be seen, and more importantly felt within the community. EcoBali recycling is undeniably at the forefront of these namely inspiring projects. It was Founded in 2006 by individualsd who unanimously had the burning desire to respond to the waste management issues in Bali and actually do something about it. Envisioning a 'Zero Waste' policy as their solution, EcoBali takes matters into their own hands by operating its own facilities such as sorting and material recovery. In providing services such as waste separation, recycling and composting, collecting an average 15 tons of non-organic waste every month, their sustainable solutions to waste management have replenished a staggering 50-70% waste reduction. With different initiatives, like adopt a school, within the project, EcoBali recycling aims to increase the inherent needed awareness on a broad spectrum, educating on the best environmental practices achievable among individuals, communities and businesses. Initiatives like this are a sign of greater things to come for Bali, allowing it to maintain its luxurious and unique status. For those who want to enjoy their stay in Bali without feeling guilty of joining that pollution bandwagon, ecoBali is the best and easiest solution. Do your research and get involved!

Thanks Transworld!

Huge thank you to Transworld Business for featuring Indosole in supporting the launch of Balifornia 2014. Read the Article here: Indosole Launches 2014 "Welcome to Balifornia" Collection

You have questions, We have answers

Good mate Mark Marovich, founder of The Greener Blue, wanted to pick our brain a bit. He delivered us some questions...hoping to get a deeper scope of IndoSole. We decided that no person was better suited for such a task than IndoSole's production manager / co-founder, Faye Middleton. click link below for interviewTHE GREENER BLUE INTERVIEWThe following is just a brief introduction into The Greener Blue. If you have not yet been to this website, we're casting a spell on you until you check it!When not working for the man, I enjoy surfing. Although my preferred activity doesn't seem to be threatening to the environment from the casual onlooker, referring surfing to a natural art form is a paradox. Surfboards are constructed from polystyrene, wetsuits are PVC based and well, that white stuff that is rubbed onto the board is petroleum based with synthetic rubbers. We make the attempt to live a carbon free life. Avoid certain items here and there, yet we still encounter the evils of pollution, forest degradation......Companies and shapers in the surf industry have begun to realize that technology is advancing in a way to combat some of their past negligence thus newly sustainable substitutes have revolutionized the way we perceive surf products. For example, we have a choice between polystyrene or reclaimed / sustainably harvested wood for a surfboard. We must give credit to sustainable information portals like The Greener Blue. It has given us a new way to see surfing through a green lens.

No Fuel Powered Machines

There are no fuel powered machines in the production process of Indo sandals, just strong hands and minds