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Thanks 2017 - Bring it on 2018

On January 01, 2017 we awoke with a realization that Indosole needed a face lift, a brand elevation, a breath of fresh air if you will. So, we decided to slow down and take a look around by analyzing the market and what the average consumer actually wants in year 2017. What we found was that sustainable fashion and vegan goods are getting popular, very popular. But we also found that people do not necessarily want to step outside their comfort zone unless they can perceive a real value and style upgrade along the way to justify spending hard earned money. Well, truthfully we have observed this dilemma for years. So, we decided we needed to shock the system, dig...

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New Release!

Meet your new favorite slip-on Travel Shoe, The Pantai. We are proud to introduce this shoe to you and we have a good feeling that you are going to like it….a lot. A year ago, we had a vision for Indosole’s version of the classic Espadrille. Market research lead us to believe that most of the Espadrille’s on the current market were lacking some key elements: Comfort, Arch Support, and Machine Washability. We wanted to offer a solution, we wanted to make a better shoe and do it while following the brand ethos that Indosole is known for: Responsible processes and materials, style, and function. Now, after months of focused design and development we are happy to unveil our latest creation:...

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Eco Friendly and Affordable: It’s Happening

As Americans generate 230 million tons of trash per year, as 8 million tons of plastic winds up in the ocean every year, and as 600,000 tons of pesticides get used every year in the US to saturate cotton crops, one thing is clear — what we buy as consumers is having a direct impact on our planet. It’s a reality that makes us all look at our feet in shame, want to shake our fists at the atrocities committed by businesses behind closed doors, and just want to do something about it all. But it’s maddening, because all too often, the eco-friendly options on the market are just too freaking expensive for the average person to go out and...

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Urban Necessity: The Kota High Top

The Kota high top is modern tire sole footwear at it's finest! The ladies love it for its versatility, and we often see them styled to toughen up an otherwise "girly" outfit. Guys love the Kota because of how easy it is to throw them on without having to think twice about it. Not to mention, the handy zipper makes the Kota easy to slip on and off, which everyone can appreciate. From cycling to skateboarding to park strolling, this shoe is perfect for life in the city. Learn more about this shoe's unique materials and features below. Don't forget to search the hashtag #KotaHightop on Instagram to see how people are styling their Kotas!  

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Hello, Facebook HQ

We are hitting the road... and the next stop is Facebook HQ in Menlo Park! Our pop-up shop will be open to Facebook employees this Tuesday, January 19, 2016. We are really looking forward to bringing our #SolesWithSoul and introducing them to the FB community. Do you friends who are working at 1 Hacker Way? Let them know we'll be headed there soon with lots of product to choose from!

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