Holiday Shoe Drop-off

Holiday Shoe Drop-off

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Kai Paul at Indosole shoe donation

On November 14, 2015 we partnered with the non-profit charity Yayasan Solemen Indonesia to bring much-needed goods to a small community of scavengers living in Waringan (Sanur), Bali. Indosole distributed rice and 50 pairs of footwear to the community, while Solemen distributed 111 towels and 50 bed sheets donated by the Bali Dynasty Resort.

The scavengers and trash pickers (known as pemulung in Indonesian) make a living by collecting plastic bottles to trade in for cash. According to the Waringan residents, 1 kg of plastic yields Rp. 3,000 (approximately $ 0.21). We were moved by the their resilience and sense of community  they get by on very little but their lives are not bleak. There was laughter, and smiles were in abundance. It goes to show that you don't need a lot of physical "things" to be content with life.

Indosole shoe donation 2015            Indosole shoe donation 2015

There are many communities in Bali that are in need of assistance and donations. To find out how you can help visit the website of Yayasan Solemen Indonesia. To learn more about how Indosole reduces strain on the environment by repurposing tires into the soles of footwear visit Our Story page.

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