Warmth that Coexists with Nature

Last weekend, the IndoSole crew assembled their biannual booth at Green Fest San Francisco. This is an event that we anxiously await because it gives us the opportunity to connect with a community who advocate for sustainable progression in all our daily life actions -- from the subsistence we eat and drink, the construction and amenities of our homes and finally the garments we choose to wear.

One brand that made a great impression on me was Manastash. Surprisingly, the inception for the company was in 1994 so I was perplexed why I had not seen more collections from Manastash before. After talking a bit with Robert Jungmann, the founder, he implied that Manastash is well recognized in Japan and has a tight following in the States. The mapping for design and construction of their outwear is classic yet has the addition of some tasteful flare. The choice of colors and paneling of patterns will undoubtedly leave you admiring the product. Although the product aesthetics are completely dialed, the materials going into each Manastash product is the backbone of the company. Jungmann was a pioneer in the yearly 90s with the use of hemp and he continues to be visionary as a proponent to get the entire U.S. population in a hemp tee-shirt by 2020. Yew!

"Manastash is loved by many young people for its comfortable-to-wear clothing in natural fabrics, such as hamp and in the fashionable style that goes out of the conventional limit of what outdoor clothing can offer. It takes the lead in green action by using recycled plastics in the garments made with nylons and fleeces as much as possible. Trying to coexist and enjoy what the Mother Earth has to offer, without having to cause destruction..Clothing of Manastash gets the subtle but most definite messages across to all the nature-loving people."

- J.U.

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