Soul Surf Project Bali

Soul Surf Project Bali

On Wednesday night the 15th of January, Soul Surf Project Bali opened their new location, including Indonesia’s first eco surf shop after 4 months of hard work! In celebration, Soul Surf Project Bali organized a day full of events. The day started off with a traditional Balinese melaspas ceremony and ended with an opening party. This party was all in the eco theme, we served healthy fresh made juices, vegetarian appetizers and were surrounded by eco surf gear. The night was a great success and there were many interested people!

Soul Surf Project Bali’s mission for 2012 is a statement; we opened the first eco surf shop in Indonesia on Jalan Nakula in Legian. The shop is non profitable. All the profit that the shop makes will be used to fund the program's effort to teach Indonesian orphans more about their environment and how to preserve it, but also the aspect of sharing the stoke of surfing. Many of these orphans have never been to the beach and are not aware of the environmental coastal problems. With surfing, we teach the kids to respect nature while also giving them an understanding of the art. We encourage creativity and hope these kids gain inspiration for other crafts and education! Surfing leads to smiles and a happy future!

In the eco surf shop, we only sell environmentally based brands or products. We have leashes from recycled plastics, sustainable grown bamboo waxcombs, eco-friendly wax (without petroleum!), shoes and flip-flops made of recycled materials such as tires and many more products! One of our prides are the sustainable wooden surfboards made by local entrepreneur Vince Surfboards. Great for the surfer who cares for sustainability and wants to make a difference.

The eco surf shop is a proud dealer of Wavetribe, Surfyogi’s, Indosole and Vince Surfboards. Several big brands are in the line up to join as well!

Come to check out the shop to see all these great stuff yourselves!

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