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One Winter in Hawai‘i

Last October, I had an issue with staying focused. This wasn't exactly the attention deficit disorder one experiences in 7th grade algebra class. I was stoked on my assignments at work..and well, projects were completed before deadlines and bills kept being paid; however, my mind still wondered to a place without ten story buildings, congested crosswalks and cafes that damper with egocentricity. It was the middle of October, the meteorologists guaranteed warm San Franciscan rays , but I still felt the summer chill. After numerous check-ins and check-outs, I soon realized my mind was encapsulated in a setting that was all too familiar.

In a landscape that can simulate Mars while adjacently offering Windex blue waves, not even the toughest wrangler cowboy who wears skate shoes and listens to reggae is far fetched. Nowhere else can allow my imagination to be so far away from The City but here....

So, here I am // Finally made it to "The Ranch". Brought over a couple of IndoSole assignments (mega thanks to Kyle Parsons) and a few other personal projects that include cameras of all sorts ...oh yea...wave sliding devices too.

Much love to the Nobriga and Jewell family for hosting me at Mehealani Ranch.

I'll be posting more photos and stories in a day or two. Mahalo

- J.U.

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