Flat Spells

Flat Spells

Unlike those who solely jet to Hawai‘i for the "da kine" winter swell, I don't mind when the nearby buoys seem to go dormant for a couple days. Exploration is Hawai‘i. There are not many rules to obey other than MALAMA or {respect and care for the land}. After reading the grim swell forecast, kama‘aina Kevin and I decided that it was an ideal day to begin construction for our new colony.

A few days prior, we had ventured down to some old beach property his family had inherited from King Kamehameha III and started scanning the grounds for loose kiawe wood for that nights BBQ. Throughout the islands, kiawe wood is regularly used for grilling and is the Hawaiian word for mesquite. Noticing that there was an abundance of kiawe along with other indigenous wood on the beach's perimeter, we played with the idea of building a hut. We had an axe and a case of beer. After discovering a few pieces that would provide a solid structure, it was apparent that our clouded induced vision could actually be tangible. The entire day was spent walking back and forth from the construction site to the resource wood pile that resembled a rat's nest.

Although riding the surf provides unparalleled stoke, I will no longer be able to frown upon the next flat spell. There's a colony to build. The name has yet to be determined thus will wait for the next clouded induced vision.

- J.U.

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