Welcoming Mary Osborne

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Mary Osborne is an icon in the international surf industry. At her young age, she has already accomplished opportunities as a competitive surfer, fashion model, writer, and environmental advocate. Traveling to remote places, she has become an ambassador for environmental causes as well as female empowerment.??

Mary is Indosole’s newest "sole surfer.” We are extremely proud and honored to welcome her into the family and its not only because of her effortless surfing style. It's more so for the journey that she has chosen in her life in making a difference in the environment’s stability and that is what impresses us the most. ??Mary has a long list of impactful travels to reflect upon:

• Gulf coast to help clean the coastal environments after the BP Oil spill of 2010
• Sailed from Brazil to South Africa studying the effects of plastic pollution in the South Atlantic
• Ambassador for the United Nations Environmental Safe Campaign and the 5 Gyres Institute
• Traveled to China twice to surf the tidal bore of Qiantang River, the world’s largest and fastest bore, and become the first female to surf the natural phenomenon, a roaring river-wave with recorded heights nearing 30-feet.
• She even has a visit to the White House and a photo chilling out with Obama “What other surfer has that in their Facebook album?!”
These are just some of the latest events in the wonderful life and career of Mary Osborne. Please stop by on occasion to see which surf break and environment she impacts next. ??Mary is a Sole Surfer. And for that Mary we thank you.

??For more on Mary Osborne please visit http://maryosbornesurf.com??

Photos by Justin Bastien www.justinbastien.com

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