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"Design Different, Make Different, Sell Different"

There's a notion telling me that this guy is on to something. It's not backed by the statistical research junk, but rather that the mind conceptualizing the needle designs is Jeff Yokoyama. Yeah...that's right, Jeff Yokoyama. Name not familiar with you? Hmmm... I could proceed to write a couple wordy paragraphs of praise and respect; however, I'm choosing to insert this link instead since it's concise { Yokoyama Bio }.

Basically, I'm alluding to the fact that Jeff is one of the forefathers to surf (if I shall label) fashion. I say "surf", but c'mon and let's get real. You would have to be cryogenically frozen for the last two decades to not notice how the surf / skate culture has influenced other subculture fashion trends. His new project doesn't have any branding labels and rightfully so since one who purchases an item from Yoki Shop, Jeff's in-house design and retail store, knows that the item is not in a collection line thus will not be seen on some neighborhood passerby. Jeff is smart and may be indirectly changing the whole game up for any company's design strategy.

I share the same philosophy. I wake up in the morning, percolate some joe, read the paper and finally make my way to the closet. I live for creativity since I believe the day has no right to be mundane. But, most of us will eventually get to an office desk by 9:30 and have an oriented list of duties sent from someone up the chain. Nonetheless, not much room for creativity. Picking out an outfit may possibly be the only self expressionist opportunity one has throughout the day. Whether it is contrasting colors or selecting an era of time, we should appreciate the originality and freedom of dress. Jeff understands that people enjoy seeking out outfits for an element of surprise and originality "think thrift". Listen to man himself in an interview done by our good mates at Korduroy TV.


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