Indo Video Shoot

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Indo Video Shoot

Location. Location. Location. You hear it all the time...we are pretty psyched on the locations that San Francisco provides us on a day to day basis. We would like to give you a glimpse of what we are all about in the setting of our home city in an entertaining short video that is coming soon...We had a great 2 days of shooting with a great and energetic crew.

Local SF shot locations:
Indo HQ. Great Hwy. Kelly's Cove fire pits. The Mission. Sutro Bath Caves.

"Day Dream" - A film by Indosole, LLC
Brought to you by:
ForLove Productions

Mariel and Marita Gomsrud
Editor - Porter
Ryan Winfield King - Producer
Mariel Gomsrud - Director
Marita Gomsrud - Director
Zak Shelhamer - Bad Ass
Jon Uher - Love Macheen
The Megapixel (Julian Bendana, and Ross Rybalov) - Behind the Lens Extravagantes
Beau Caillouette - Go Pro Hero 
Kenya Stabler - Product Designer and Photo Exquisitor
Talk of Shamans - Amazing 3 piece band that you will hear about very soon  
Zac Taylor and Calicraft - for providing the amazing Beer
Keenan, Adele and Pancho of Funshape Studios - Coming through on our graphic tees!
Artie "the one man party" - for obvious reasons
Our Crew - Jason Patton, Frank Fang, Elan, Jackie, Amanda, Seriff (aka the coolest kid ever) and his parents, Cooper, and Jessica Medina, and the quazi-mohawk guy

A couple shots from behind the scenes

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