Indo Video Shoot– Indosole

Indo Video Shoot

Indo Video Shoot

Location. Location. Location. You hear it all the time...we are pretty psyched on the locations that San Francisco provides us on a day to day basis. We would like to give you a glimpse of what we are all about in the setting of our home city in an entertaining short video that is coming soon...We had a great 2 days of shooting with a great and energetic crew.

Local SF shot locations:
Indo HQ. Great Hwy. Kelly's Cove fire pits. The Mission. Sutro Bath Caves.

"Day Dream" - A film by Indosole, LLC
Brought to you by:
ForLove Productions

Mariel and Marita Gomsrud
Editor - Porter
Ryan Winfield King - Producer
Mariel Gomsrud - Director
Marita Gomsrud - Director
Zak Shelhamer - Bad Ass
Jon Uher - Love Macheen
The Megapixel (Julian Bendana, and Ross Rybalov) - Behind the Lens Extravagantes
Beau Caillouette - Go Pro Hero 
Kenya Stabler - Product Designer and Photo Exquisitor
Talk of Shamans - Amazing 3 piece band that you will hear about very soon  
Zac Taylor and Calicraft - for providing the amazing Beer
Keenan, Adele and Pancho of Funshape Studios - Coming through on our graphic tees!
Artie "the one man party" - for obvious reasons
Our Crew - Jason Patton, Frank Fang, Elan, Jackie, Amanda, Seriff (aka the coolest kid ever) and his parents, Cooper, and Jessica Medina, and the quazi-mohawk guy

A couple shots from behind the scenes

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