Kenya Dig Bali

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Kenya Dig Bali

Kenya here, reporting form Bali--

Its only been a little over a week and already I have taken part in a yoga-a-thon, eaten delicious Mexican food twice (one thing I miss most when traveling), scootered to Ubud for yoga in the rain followed by a concert of Dustin Thomas and Medicine for the People at the Bali Spirit Festival, we have had batik hand dyed with our very own designs, found a home base, drank my weight in papaya juice and eaten dinner for under a dollar a couple of times and it was When I arrived, Kai and I instantly hit the road running at full force, getting me familiar with Indosole from a Bali perspective and working on gathering ideas and materials to bring you guys some rad new gear!

I would now say I am living the Bali way of life, scootering all day everyday, running out of minutes on my phone, and dealing with a way of life where nothing really goes as planned. I have also discovered that when my credits for electricity in my spot are low the machine beeps until you buy new ones -- learned this at 1 am the other night.. Despite the rough patches that come naturally when adjusting to a new country and environment, I feel at peace at the end of our long days, sitting a local warung(cafe) along the beach to catch the sunset, sip a fresh coconut, and meet some cool new people who always have come sort of tip or funny story we can relate to about living in Bali. At the end of the night you realize that Bali is a pretty amazing and unique place to be. Experiences like this give you a whole new perspective on your life back at "home" and make you realize how good we have it and how much we take advantage of it.. Yes, I miss San Francisco, mainly my two main squeezes, Beau and Deezle but there is such a creative and conscious vibe here that I never really feel lonely or that feeling of "I can't wait to get home"...

Shreeed and much love, KS

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